Thanksgiving in Canada will come through:

296 days
296 days, 20 hours, 1 minutes, 58 seconds

When Thanksgiving Day in Canada 2018, how many days left.

In 2018 year Thanksgiving Day Canada will be held at Monday, October 8. Countdown To Thanksgiving Days leads the exact count and shows that before the holiday 296 days, 20 hours, 1 minutes, 58 seconds.

Thanksgiving in Canada-national day, celebrated annually on the second Monday of October. Date of the holiday officially established by the decision of the Parliament of Canada in January 1957 year.

The holiday originated from European tradition of celebrating the harvest, which was moved to North America by settlers from Europe. Such traditions were also among indigenous peoples of North America.

One of the first official Thanksgiving ceremonies held English Navigator Martin Frobisher 1578 in year in honor of the salvation of his expedition from death.

Thanksgiving was celebrated also the first French settlers who arrived headed by Samuel de Samplenom in the early 17th century the territory of the future of Canada.

Currently, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated throughout most of Canada, with the exception of a few provinces. Holiday recognized by all State organizations.

Holidays are used for family holidays. Officially, the holiday is celebrated in Monday, but gala dinner can be arranged any day of the three-day weekend. For dinner prepare traditional dishes, prepared the first settlers, including Stuffed turkey and pumpkin pie.

In Canada there is no tradition of parades at Thanksgiving. However, with the celebration of Thanksgiving Day the same time, the parade during the beer festival in Kitchener-Waterloo. This parade is broadcast on national television.

Unlike Canada, the United States Thanksgiving is celebrated every year on the fourth Thursday of November.

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